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Mokgalakwena Mine

Smart Engineering

Letona Holdings is a multi-disciplinary and diversified engineering company. The company was established to provide specialized and tailor-made engineering solutions in the Mining, Processing plants, Engineering industries, Smelters, Refineries, State-Owned Enterprises, Public and Private owned companies.

Maintenance & Services

General maintenance, Repairs, Shutdows & Breakdowns

Special OEM Spare Parts/ Equipment Supply & installation

Pumps, Valves & Motors  Maintenance, Supply & Installations

Cyclones and Floatation Cells - Maintenance and Commissioning

Rubber - Lining, High Wear Ceramic Epoxy, Alumina Ceramic Tiling

Project Status
Mogalakwena Platinum MineCurrent
Letona Holdings News
Head Office: Letona Holdings 13 July, 2021
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