Our Services

Engineering and Maintenance

  1. General Maintenance, Repairs, Shutdowns & Breakdowns

  2. Special OEM Spare Parts/Equipment Supply & Installations

  3. Pumps, Valves & Motors Maintenance, Supply & Installations.

  4. Refurbishment on all bearing units and wet end parts

  5. Cyclones and Floatation Cells Maintenance,

    Commissioning and operations.

  6. Rubber Lining, High Wear Ceramic Epoxy, Alumina

    Ceramic Tiling

Mining Services

  1. Ore & Material Handling Mining and Reclamation

  2. Crushing and Screening

  3. Drilling Equipment & Spares.

  4. Cyclones and Floatation Cells Maintenance,
    Commissioning and operations.

  5. Rubber Lining, High Wear Ceramic Epoxy, Alumina Ceramic Tiling

  6. Supply and installation on wet end parts .

Smart Mining solutions

  1. Solutions for vibration screens and feeders

  2. Solutions for pump station reliability

  3. Solutions for conveyor belt protection .

  4. Solutions for underground ventilation 

  5. Solutions for power transformer condition monitoring

  6. Fuel and Tyre management solutions

Wear resistant solutions

  1.  Rubber lining

  2. Epoxy adhesive and wearing compounds.

  3. Polyurethane.

  4. Ceramic lining.

  5. Fibregrass.

  6. Mild steel liners.

  7. Chromium  carbide liners.

  8. Chute fabrication and refurbishment.

  9. Pipes manufacturing and installation.

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The company was established to provide specialized and tailor-made engineering solutions in the Mining, Processing Plants, Chemical Plants, Metal Industries, Smelters, Refineries, State Owned Enterprises / Government Parastatals, and Privately owned companies. Services offered include not limited to;

  • General maintenance, Repairs, Shutdowns & Breakdowns
  • Special OEM Spare Parts/ Equipment Supply & installation
  • Pumps, Valves & Motors Maintenance, Supply & Installations
  • Cyclones and Floatation Cells – Maintenance and Commissioning
  • Rubber – Lining, High Wear Ceramic Epoxy, Alumina Ceramic Tiling
  • Screen Panels Installation and Maintenance Corrosion Protection, Control & Prevention Cleaning of Dams, Silos Chutes, and Bins.
  • Supply & Installation
  • Chutes, Screen, Grizzly, Pan / Chain Feeders – Fabrications & Installations
  • Vibration Monitoring of rolling element bearing
  • Solutions for vibration screens and feeders – enable the operator to see the trend of the failure and the online technology of Screen condition monitoring includes speed monitoring, angle, and displacement.
  • Solution for pump station reliability – Monitor the condition of the pump, which includes predictive monitoring of bearings, gears, and electric motors, monitoring of rotating pump parts, cavitation monitoring of pumps rotor and valves, monitoring of the water basin level, water pressure, temperature and flow rate at the outlets of the pump.
  • Solution for conveyor belt protection -heavy-duty devices designed to protect long conveyor belts and assure safety, uptime, and conveyor long-term availability using pull-rope safety switches, belt misalignment switches, belt rip, tear sensors, and E-Stop.
  • Solution for underground ventilation – Condition monitoring of bearings and gear mechanisms, shaft monitoring, unbalance monitoring, speed monitoring, oil flow monitoring, medium temperature monitoring, bearing temperature monitoring, operating status signaling and status indication, and fault signal
  • Solution for Hydraulic unit – Pump condition monitoring can prevent unexpected breakdowns that lead to production losses.
  • Solution for power transformer condition monitoring – TCM system is a fully integrated solution to monitor the most valuable asset in an electrical grid and the industry. This system applies to all types of power transformers because it is independent of transformer voltages, transformer core type, and load

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A 100% black-owned, managed, multi-disciplinary, and diversified engineering& technological company that is ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) certified.

We offer specialized services that add value and ensure return on investment (ROI) by utilizing trial, tested & proven technological smart solutions. Our services include concept development, consulting, installations/ Maintainance, and  24/7 field support and aftercare services.

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